The Mysterious Ladakh

August 20, 2014

The Ex Buddhist kingdom, enfolded with magical arid mountains, is a land full of Gompas and Stupas, spreading spiritual messages for all. All around the place colorful prayer flags can be seen, which have got beautiful looking as well as prayers to God. The prayer wheels, spun clockwise releasing more merit making mantras. The interiors of Gompa are very colorfully awash with murals and statuary of numerous bodhisattvas.

The place is rich in dairy products, organic vegetables, wheat, barley and fuel and thus they are self – sufficient and do not have to depend upon others for them. The place is also termed as “Little Tibet”, which is one of the last undisturbed, Tantric Buddhist societies on earth. Ladakh is famed for crystal blue skies and enjoys sunshine an average of 300 days in one year, although storms are very usual and brew very suddenly.

The temperature at the day – time is sunny, while nights are chilling and sometimes the temperature at night can go below -5 degree Celsius.

Being a place, which can make all very easily to fall in love with, but people should take things easy on arrival. It is also considered as one of the highest motorable roads in the world, and is thus the dream destination for many. The place is a perfect mix of mountains, valleys, and rivers, thus all nature at just one place.

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