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Royal Enfield Road Trip to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

November 11, 2014

The golden city of Jaisalmer, which lies courageously as the western sentinel of India, is a place worth visiting. The golden ray of the setting sun draws a heavenly picture on the sands of Jaisalmer. The magnificent wood- and stone-carved mansions and buildings display the love of the Rajputs towards the fine arts.

Jaisalmer is situated in the westernmost part of the state of Rajasthan, the heart of the great Thar Desert. It has neighboring Pakistan on its western side. On its south, there is the beautiful city of Bikaner.

Places to visit:-

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort is the most alive of any museum, fort or palace that you are likely to visit in India. It was built in 1156 by the Rajput ruler Jaisala. About a quarter of the old city’s population resides within the fort walls. The fort is entered through a forbidding series of massive gates leading to a large courtyard. The fort stands proudly amidst the golden stretches of the great Thar Desert, on Trikuta Hill, and has been the scene of many battles.

Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower of Jaisalmer is one of the major tourist attractions. If you have done with the various Rajputana architectures scattered in the city, Tazia tower will come as a welcome break to you. It is situated in the excellent ‘Badal Palace’ complex located near Amar Sagar Gate. These were the homes of the former royal family. The Tazia tower is a 5-storied structure where each story has significance in its own. On each floor there is a balcony that is famous for their individual designs. This was built by Muslim craftsmen and is based on the shape of Tazia. Tazia is actually the replica of Mausoleum of various Imams. They are made of wood, thermocol and colored papers. The architects gifted it to the then royal patrons. Tazia Tower was erected in 1886 AD.

Desert National Park

Desert National Park is another place that preserves the natural ecosystem of the desert land. Cactus, thorny trees and shrubs could be seen growing easily without being taken care of. It has some vegetation that survives in the dry and arid soil. It also has few animal species like the monitor lizard, desert foxes, porcupines and black bucks, etc.

Wood Fossils Park

A 17 kilometer drive from Jaisalmer along the road to Barmer brings you to this park that takes you back to pre-historic times.It is a fossil park where stood a forest 180 millions years ago. The area submersed into the sea and the tree trunks got preserved in the form of fossils.

Amar Sagar Lake

Amar Sagar is a small and beautiful lake cum Oasis and is adjacent to a 17th Century palace called the Amar Singh Palace. Maharawal Akhai Singh built this palace in honor of one of his predecessors Amar Singh. Next to the palace are pavilions with a large stairs leading down to the Amar Sagar Lake. This haveli has been constructed in the pattern of apartments. The Amar Sagar is a five story high haveli and is famous for its murals.

Mool Sagar Garden

Mool Sagar, set up by Maharawal Mool Raj in 1780, is an eye pleasurable picnic spot in Jaisalmer. The place is credited with a cute, compact but attractive palace, a breathtaking garden with varieties of blooming plants and a fabulous reservoir. A medieval period Shiva temple assumed to be carved out of a pair of sandstones is a popular religious attraction here.

Desert Culture Centre and Museum

Desert Culture Centre and Museum is a treasure-trove of rich cultural lineage, artistic vividness and craftsmanship of Jaisalmer. A highly sought after destination by art lovers and history buffs, the museum displays far-reaching collections of ethnic artifacts, traditional instruments, huge collections of medieval coins and some rarest of rare fossils mined in Jaisalmer. For the visitors benefit, the museum organizes several special displays throughout the year. The Desert cultural center and museum displays numerous ancient scriptures, historical remains from royal age and archaic coins.

Jaisalmer Folklore

Jaisalmer Folklore is situated on the banks of the Garsisar lake the museum is a gold mine of information not just about Jaisalmer, but the rich cultural heritage of western Rajasthan. Established in 1984 by a N K Sharma,the exhibits include everything from paintings and musical instruments to old coins, manuscripts, camel ornaments, postcards, photographs, curios and even fossils. It is a very informatory and intriguing Folk Art Museum, and is a must-see for tourists keen on learning about Jaisalmer’s history art and traditions or for the intellectually inclined.

Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes is situated at a distance of 42 kilometers from Jaisalmer, Sam Sand Dunes is the closest point to witness the total sandy desert. You can also see the patterns and motifs created by the shifting sands and air. Moreover, Sam Sand Dunes also provide you with an unforgettable experience of camel rides and the sunset.

Fairs and Festivals:

The most famous of the local festivals is the camel fair that is held during the winter season of the year. Camel dances, camel races, folk dance, and music are some of the major attractions of this place. It is also known as the desert festival.

Note: Articles in this series will cover all the places covered by Indian Rides team with groups from all around the globe on a Motorbike, 4×4 and other adventure tours operated under North India adventure itinerary.



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