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North India Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan … a sojourn into the Majestic Desert Land

March 8, 2016

Want to feel the rustic air gush into your lungs …want to feel a rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins … want to unleash the adventurous spirit !! We are here to give you the right boost with our Rajasthan Bike tours to satiate your wander lust. As our beasty bikes purr into life beneath you, the promise of an exotic escapade is just round the bend. Our adventures Bike tours ensure that you pack a host of wonderful memories and feel no less than a “Maharaja” yourself when you bid adieu to this wonderful land of heritage forts and palaces and head home after undertaking this journey with us.

You would have come across numerous guided tours that promise to take you to the eminent destinations, but deciding on our Rajasthan Bike Tours, a self driven and self paced tour, may by far be the best decision you would have taken. Rajasthan Bike Tour

 Expect the Unexpected

Imagine stopping by at the sights and scenes that fascinate you. As you pull in your feisty bikes, raising the curiosity levels of the bystanders to unravel the enigma that surrounds you, their willingness to come up to you and fill you in with the details of your quest would be heartwarming. Chatting away with the locals without really knowing their language and yet communicating with them as their faces light up. Lot of fun and relaxation is promised as you travel deeper into the state, learning about their culture first hand while having a quick tea break as you stretch yourself on the “khaats”/ “charpais” (a four legged wooden bed made of jute strings), all the while sipping from earthen cups and munching away the local eats.

Rajasthan Bike Tours… Gist of itinerary

Our 16 days 15 nights tour starts from Delhi and leads you through the beautiful corridors of the enriched Rajasthani culture and cuisines. Starting from Mandwa, the rustic town, to Bikaner, a vibrant fort town, heading onwards to Jaisalmer, the crown of the Thar Desert with sand dunes as far as the eyes can see. From Jaisalmer we set our sights to Chandelao Garh and Ghanerao Fort, having their individual rustic charm and dotted with temples. The enjoyment of safaris and rides with sumptuous terrace dinners and massages at the end of the day to rejuvenate you in preparation for your ride from the rural to the urban side of Rajasthan as the sun rises in the sky the next morning.Rajasthan Bike Tour

Starting early, as you rumble your way into the city of lakes Udaipur, leaving a dust storm behind you, you will be met with poignant beauty. After drinking away the nectar this city offers we make stoppages at Chittorgarh, boasting of the biggest fort of Rajasthan, Bijiapur castle and Pushkar, the pilgrimage centre and head towards the capital, The pink city of Jaipur, which is a combination of colors, culture, modernity and vivaciousness that you can breathe in the air.

Our tour culminates with Fatehpur Sikri and Agra, the land of the Taj, thrown in with the package, on the way to Delhi, though both geographically located in Uttar Pradesh, but helps to complete the Golden triangle.

Just an afterthought… do leave enough space in your backpacks to fit in the souvenirs and mementos from each of these places to take you back in time and bring a smile to your face each time you look at them.



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