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Ladakh … Hand Crafted By Gods!

April 27, 2016

When you want to have a touch and feel of heaven, plan to head to the North for a Ladakh Bike trip. Nestled among the mighty Himalayas is this beautiful region in Jammu & Kashmir – an amalgamation of natural beauty, religion and culture. You are promised three things: a feel of all things touristy, a feeling of pilgrimage with Buddhist monasteries dotting the entire vicinity and for the history buffs a visit to the realms of the past.Ladakh Bike Trip

The tough weather conditions allow a window of just four months to scout this land hand crafted by Gods themselves. The remaining eight months of the year the area remains inaccessible since it is covered in snow.

Planning a Ladakh Bike trip may not be advisable for the weak hearted because this trip will take you across the toughest of terrain on some of the highest altitude roads, gorges and passes in the world. The weather can be unpredictable and the roads can be tricky.

However, having said that, a Bike trip to Ladakh will be one of the most cherished memories that you will make in your lifetime. Starting your journey from Manali on your motorbikes and moving on to the beautiful villages and townships on your way to Ladakh, exploring the Tibetan culture that abounds, will entice you with the beauty that will unveil before you bit by bit. Biking and Hiking may  by far be the best way to explore this mighty and lofty Himalayan terrain which packs a fantastic view each time your Motorbike turns a bend, taking you higher and higher into this exotic world.

We may all have read about the silk route of India in our history, but biking along part of the trail taken by traders centuries ago can be an experience which may be comparable to none. Riding along roads on altitudes as high as 12000 ft above sea level is by no means an easy feat, but it guarantees a thrilling and mesmerizing experience all at once. Ladakh Bike Trip

Whether you decide to pull over for a view of the lush green valleys that lie at your feet, or to hear the sound of the cascading waterfalls, or to admire the snow dusted mountains to watch the wildlife in the distance, you are promised a compelling experience. The peace and tranquility surrounding you, will allow you to become one with nature as you allow the beauty and serenity to seep into the very core of your existence.

Witnessing the bucolic way of life of the locals of one of the most intricate and rugged terrain  in the world will leave you wondering about how industriously they work day in and day out to survive the odds.

The beautiful landscapes and camping by the Pangong Lake as you witness both the dawn and dusk and the mesmerizing beauty of the changing hues of the Lake and its jewel like reflection on the mountains surrounding it, will have you promising yourself to come back for more.

The Ladakh Bike Trip is surely a heady mix of the natural beauty, adventure, history, religion and gastronomical delights all packed together to satiate your wander lust!



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