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Rajasthan… Let the Celebration Begin!!

September 1, 2016

“Mahro Rajasthan”, which roughly translates to “My Rajasthan”, soon becomes “Tharo Rajasthan” or “Your Rajasthan”, once you ride thru this Rustic yet Royal state. This statement is no exaggeration because the people and places in this majestic state will treat you as their very own giving you a sense of belonging wherever you venture. Our Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan brings the quintessential Rajasthan in all its glory, served to you on a spicy platter.

Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan

The itinerary has been planned in such an impeccable way that brings the gist of Rajasthan within the stipulated time. The Royal Enfield bikes you ride around on are the best for the terrain and kept in mint condition to provide you the best experience. The accompanying personnel and staff ensure that you are looked after throughout your journey. The places of stay are carefully investigated for highest level of comfort before they are finalized on. The gourmet delights and menu is planned to tickle your taste buds and provide the essence of the Rajasthani cuisine besides the regular food fare.

Riding along the sand dunes and dirt roads, experiencing the rich culture and tradition of this Royal state is a cherishable experience, one you will hold close to your heart forever.

When you do decide to visit this state you may want to coincide it with the Diwali festival, the festival of lights celebrated with zest and full fervor over a period of almost five days. This is that time of the year when the markets are lit up and all the business wares are on full display. The festivities mark offering “Puja” to the deity “Lakshmi”, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Riding astride your bikes thru these lit up cities, with the people all dressed up in all their finery, the shops competing in their décor and display may by far be the best time to be here. The facades of the Forts and Palaces are lit up in golden hues and they look majestic and restored to their former glory against the darkening skies. You may not be able to stop clicking pictures as you witness the mesmerizing sights and sounds. You can be sure of getting the best gastronomical delights during this time, especially those of you with the sweet tooth will be in for an array of traditional sweets which you’ll not have enough of.Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan

While the cities and homes are lit up with lights, diyas and candles the skies above are no exception. As the skies light up with attractive fireworks and the atmosphere resound from the crackers you are sure to have a feeling of joie de vivre. You are bound to be transported into a totally different world. The weather too is beautiful with a slight nip in the air. The transition from hot sultry days to pleasantness of nights is a very welcome change.

Our Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan comes highly recommended from all of us as well as those of you who have experienced it with us. Most visitors leave with a promise of coming back with friends and family again during Diwali festivities to share this fantastic time with their loved ones. Rajasthan always makes you one with Royalty and more so during Diwali when the cheerfulness and festivities are in the air and everyone is out to celebrate life.




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