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Ladakh…Beauty & Adventure on a Platter!!

October 24, 2016

Ladakh has become synonymous to adventure – riding along jagged mountains, rugged landscapes, mesmerizing lakes, gushing waterfalls, motorable passes – gives a high comparable to none. The land of Buddhism, Monasteries and Gonpas with Monks in red cloaks are a sight to behold. The festivals and traditions of Ladakh steeped in culture are a once in a lifetime experience to be had.

Our Ladakh Bike Tour packs all this and more. A place which is a perfect combination of adventure and breathtaking beauty where on one hand you get to ride on the highest motorable pass in the world at Khardung la and on the other you get to relax in the vicinity of one of the most stunning and pristine lakes in the world, the Pangong Tso.

Ladakh Bike Tour

Our packaged tour is the best way to experience Ladakh in all its glory with its ancient monasteries, clear water lakes, and high altitude roads cutting right trough the Himalayas which stand tall like natural enclosures around this mesmerizing land.

As you ascend higher into Ladakh it is vitally important to understand that some people may suffer from dizziness, headaches and breathlessness which is the direct result of high altitudes where the oxygen levels become sparse. We definitely want our riders to enjoy this breathtaking terrain as they ride along the mountain ranges of the mighty Himalayas and the Karakoram ranges. This is precisely why our Ladakh Bike Tour has been planned with careful precision at a pace which ensures gradual acclimatization for our riders. Our accompanying staff is well trained to spot and handle any eventualities to ensure safe travel to our bikers.

A land endowed with natural beauty would have been a busy tourist spot all year long however the weather conditions prevailing most part of the year prevent that from happening and has in a way helped in preserving its beauty. Ladakh has a cold desert like climate which is quite extreme.  While the summers can get really harsh with direct sunlight falling on its land at such high altitudes the winters get unbearable with mercury dipping way – way below the freezing point. Most roads are closed since they become inaccessible due to the prevailing weather conditions.

Ladakh Bike Tour

This is precisely the reason we plan our Royal Enfield Bike Rides around the best time of the year to ensure our riders get to enjoy the beauty of the terrain to the fullest and have the safest adventure and thrill possible. During this time the days are bathed in resplendent sunshine and the nights boast of clear skies for star gazing as you enjoy the tented accommodation right next to the lake hearing the water gently lapping on the shore.

A ride on your Royal Enfield bikes along the rugged yet mesmerizing terrain of this region, making stopovers to enjoy the delectable local cuisine, interacting with the locals, riding along Rohtang Pass, Chang la and Baralachha La, enjoying the sights and scenes around and shopping for mementoes will have you coming back for more year after year.

A word of caution though! A bike trip to Ladakh is not for the weak hearted. It requires high level of focus, determination and attitude to seek out the best. It is meant for only those who seek adventure and thrill and are ready to go that extra mile for feeling the adrenaline coursing through their veins. We are here to make this into a safe and enjoyable journey, one that you will always cherish forever.



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