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Enticing & Exuberant Rajasthan

October 24, 2016

There is a nip in the air and the festive season is right round the corner. Rajasthan is gearing up for pleasant days and pleasanter evenings. This is by far the best time to plan a trip to Rajasthan and scour through its cities and towns. Hop on our Royal Enfields and get set to take on our well planned Rajasthan Bike Tours to experience this Royal state in all its colors and exuberance.

“Deepawali” or the festival of lights ushers in the mood for extravagance and joy. The markets are lit up and the best of the best is available around this time. Street vendors put up kiosks with wares that are available only this time of the year.

The cities are bejeweled with lighting and the pathways and major junctions decorated with “Rangolis” made with the most vibrant of colors and intricate designs with “Diyas” (mud lamps) decorated around their periphery.

Every corner, every shop and every market vies for attention and tries its best to outdo the other in terms of decorations and display. There are competitions held

Rajasthan Bike Tour

and the best markets are awarded. Gift cards and Gift vouchers along with lucky dips on the shopping lure the customers to shop more.

While on regular days markets close by eight in the evening, this time of the year sees shops open as late as midnight. Street food stalls line up the roadside in readiness to cater to all palates. Riding your bikes along these lit up streets and stopping over for a midnight snack with a “masala chai” on the side is a soul lifting experience.

Our Rajasthan Bike Tour covers some of the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan and their exquisiteness is enhanced multifold especially during this festive season. Highlighted below are the cities you cover and enjoy on our trip to bring in the essence of Rajasthan:

Golden Jaisalmer: This golden city becomes a treat to your senses when the lights and “diyas” add to its shimmer. This already magical place takes on the beauty and vibrancy of the season to provide you with the best experience ever. The Diwali parade marching through the lanes of this mystic city is a sight to behold with locals dressed in all their finery and dancing to music as decorated camels slowly gait along.

The Pink City Jaipur: The capital city of Rajasthan celebrates Diwali with much fanfare. All prominent buildings are lit up in a show of light. The homes, markets and streets are decked up and the aroma of food and incense floating in the air tickles the senses. The walled city is covered with decorations and lights end to end with the junctions decorated with themed floats depicting the culture of Rajasthan. The best of handicrafts are on display and the shoppers add to the joy of the festivities around. Catching a glimpse of Jaipur from the vantage point at the forts of Nahargarh and Jaigarh is an ultimate experience.

The Holy Town Pushkar: Pushkar is the place to be for those who seek the laid back slow paced holiday,. While the appearance of the town does not change dramatically, it does come alive with the diyas that light up the periphery of the Pushkar Lake. Post Diwali this small town gears up for the Pushkar Mela or Pushkar Camel fair, a five day carnival, which is famous for cattle trading, folk dances and camel races. With more than fifty thousand visitors thronging the streets, this sleepy town comes alive.

The City of Lakes Udaipur: When it comes to royalty, trust the people of Udaipur to celebrate Diwali in the Rajwada style. The people go all out to light up their homes and every nook and corner of this beautiful city is dressed up like a bride. The famous City Palace glitters and glimmers in Golden hues and stands tall with its pristine reflection in the lake lending it an ethereal look.

Pack your rucksacks and get set to be on the go for this enticing ride among royalty in the best season of the year with our Rajasthan Bike Tour.



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