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October 24, 2016

The quest for a ride into heaven may just lead you to the door that opens right down South of India. A sharp contrast to the north which offers a heaven shrouded with pristine white, the South offers the breath taking verdant views of well manicured green tea plantations, exotic national parks, flora and fauna, wild life sanctuaries, long stretch of beaches and the very famous backwaters of Kerala.

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Royal Enfield Tour South India

Protruding into the Indian Ocean flanked by the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal on each side, this huge wedge of the Indian subcontinent has seen history in the making. While it has witnessed the transitions from the traditional to the modern it has been able to preserve the core of Indian culture and civilization.

Driving along the coastline of this beautiful land you will witness the serenity and tranquility that abounds. The white surf breaking on the sandy beaches of this land will leave you mesmerized with its purity. The scenic mountains that form the horizon are covered with emerald green slopes of tea plantations and spices and the aroma that emanates from them can have a very heady and mood lifting effect as you thump away astride your Royal Enfield Bikes.

Kerala known as “God’s Own Country” and known for its famous backwaters can be best experienced on your bikes. The backwaters, a network of canals and lakes, enclosed with coconut trees, cashew plantations and local villages, provides succor for both the locals and the tourists alike. After riding along long stretches imagine relaxing on a houseboat, gently rocked by the lapping waters as fresh food is cooked and served on the deck while you rest your tired backs sunbathing. Some of you may even want to indulge in the therapeutic oil massages to rejuvenate both body and soul.

A peek into the culture of India can come easy as you watch the performance of the Kathakali Dance in all its glory complete with the traditional costume, jewelry and elaborate makeup, transcending you into a completely different era.

Royal Enfield Tour South India

The culinary delights of this region are very different from what you get in the North. From traditional south Indian foods like Dosas, Idlies and Uttapams to fusion foods which have been adapted to suit different tastes and palates give you a wide range to choose from.  The freshest of fresh sea food cooked in aromatic spices can throw your taste buds in a spin. The cooking processes used vary from traditional to modern as do the spices which are home grown. South India can well be termed as a foodies delight especially for those that love pungent food.

Another aspect that draws people to the South of India is its architecturally rich buildings. Whether these are forts, temples or churches they draw lot of attention for their sheer magnificence and the fact that these have stood the test of times despite severe climatic conditions especially during the heavy monsoons. Each is a relic of history and has many tales to tell.

Our Royal Enfield Tours to South India ensures that not only do you get to witness this beautiful land but also carry a piece of this magnificent part of India in your heart forever.

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    August 9, 2019

    The article you wrote was so good, one more city is Hyderabad it has a long history and the Golconda fort. The famous Koh-i-Noor diamond is belonging to Golconda fort…..
    thank you.

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      Indian Rides

      March 10, 2021

      Thank you


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