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Riding in India …Soul Stirring!

October 24, 2016

“The only way to see the sunset is to ride into it”, – one of the many inspiring quotes that obviously must come from a Biking enthusiast, sums up the passion of riding a bike.

What could be a better way to explore a place than to ride astride a bike enjoying the scenic beauty around, inhaling the fresh countryside air as the wind gushes past while a stray hair strand beats a crescendo of its own on your face!


It is said that four wheels move the body but two wheels move the soul and conforming to this adage is our Motorcycle Trip India. Ensuring our riders have a soul stirring experience as they ride the corridors of this great country is of paramount importance. Experiencing the motorcycle ride, with the road to keep you company, taking on the journey that lies ahead as you leave behind a host of memories, thumping your way into the horizon is what is promised.

There has been an increasing spate of people who wish to explore India on bikes but have hoards of inhibitions before taking the plunge and rightly so. India, a vast country both geographically and culturally, known for its countless different customs and traditions, boasting of different climatic conditions which range from coldest of cold to hottest of hot desert lands can be quite a daunting task  to decide on a trip.

Thankfully help is just a call away. With our well researched itineraries that bring out the best of India, you cannot go wrong. We have chalked out routes that give you the essence of India in a nutshell. Whether you are on a quest to find your spiritual side or are a history buff, or for that matter if you are simply looking to get your adrenaline pumping and heart racing our Motorcycle Trip India tours pack a punch and deliver.

Best months to Plan a bike Tour in India

September – February: This can easily be touted as the best months to explore India since most of the country experiences pleasant weather conditions. It is the ideal period to visit the South and the coastal regions when the entire region post monsoons is well washed, lush green and beautiful with waterfalls, lakes and rivers gushing in their full bounty. However it may be best to avoid the tip of Northern India especially places like Leh, Ladakh etc. In the months of December and January especially, places in the high North and North East experience heavy snowfall and most passes and roads remain closed.

Motorcycle Trip India- South India

March – August: These are the months when the heat around the coastal regions and northern plains may play havoc. However this is the best time to head to the hills and enjoy the weather and scenic beauty of the cascading waterfalls, the flora and fauna and snow capped peaks. It would be wise to remember that between the months of July and August most coastal regions and Northern plains also experience heavy rains and driving through such weather conditions may not only be cumbersome but risky for heavy traffic lines up the highways and pot holes add to the misery.

Our Motorcycle Trip in India is planned in such a way that all our clients get to experience is only the best… the best of weather, the best of accommodation, the best of gourmet delights, the best of culture, the best of festivities and the best of services. All you need to decide is the months and the region you would like to travel in and rest can be left on our experienced team who will ensure that your trip here becomes a memorable one.

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