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The Royal Bengal Tiger of Incredible India

July 2, 2013

Having long been a subject of imaginative literature, the tiger has triggered many a poet and author to pen work that can describe the alien and exotic quality of this creature of the Felidae family. The Bengal Tiger or the Royal Bengal Tiger (as it is pompously known in India) happens to be the most common sub-species of tiger, declared as the national animal of India along with countries like Bangladesh and Nepal.

The Indian tigers, the Royal Bengal tigers are the most graceful Animals found in Sundarban in Bengal.In India we had over forty thousand tigers in the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is very
sad to note that the statistics is much lower. The reasons for tiger
becoming an endangered species are uncontrolled felling of trees
resulting in the shrinkage of the habitat of the tiger, decrease of
preys, increase of poaching for its beautiful skin.

Spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger
Over the last few decades, the population of tiger has been dwindling very badly. But, thanks to the Project Tiger Scheme that’s proved to be no less than a boon for these creatures. India has to boast numerous Tiger Reserves where the Royal Bengal Tiger can be seen prowling fearlessly.

According to estimations made in 2005, there were 4,580 wild specimens of Royal Bengal tiger to be found in the world. A vast majority of them, roughly 3,500 tigers, lived in India.

The beauty of the Royal Bengal cat can now be seen in its natural surroundings in conserved areas. If you are fascinated by the Royal Bengal Tiger and wish to see it in its natural surroundings, a visit to these tiger reserves is bound to be an enchanting one. All these reserves have the facility of tours to the forested area to watch Bengal Tiger. One can choose a suitable mode to tour. It can be by jeep or on the elephant backs.

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