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Traversing Rajasthan … Rustic to Urbane!

April 20, 2016

Who amongst us would not have heard about the colorful culture of Rajasthan which is a quintessence of the rustic and the urbane, combining best of both worlds!  Pick the right season and you can enjoy the beauty of dunes and the greenery all at once. Opting for a Rajasthan Bike Tour with your friends may be ideal to explore the countryside with a well paced and planned itinerary.Motorbike Tours in Rajasthan

Whether you are looking to experience the life of the Maharajas or want to just get a feel of the life of the nomadic banjaras, the best way would be to take a Rajasthan Bike Tour which will allow you the experience firsthand. Riding the robust bikes will not only give you the chance to explore Rajasthan and its myriad culture but it will also guarantee a close interaction with the locals, their food and language.

Rajasthan, known for the combination of the desert and the verdant greens never fails to pleasure those who venture here. Its land is spruced up with palaces and forts each with a rich history behind them. A Rajasthan Bike Tour is guaranteed to bring out the historian in you as you park your beasty bikes to walk the corridors of these forts and explore these palaces. Whether you look at the numerous costumes that are on display, or the musical instruments that strummed the melodies ages ago or the jewellery that adorned the Maharajas and Maharanis alike or for that matter the artillery and weaponry, you won’t be able to resist marveling at the craftsmanship of yester years.

As you go traversing Rajasthan on your bikes, you’ll have highways in mint conditions but be prepared to hit the dirt tracks every once in a while, especially when passing through villages post monsoons. This is exactly where you will be grateful to be on your bikes, whether for easy maneuverability around pot holes or for the convenient stopovers for tea and munches under the shade of a huge banyan tea or for interacting with the locals and clicking pictures next to the fields. Motorbike Tours in Rajasthan

The sure shot way to appease the adrenaline addict in you would be taking on the various sights and scenes that Rajasthan has on offer, on your tough bikes. While most of us may picture the roads and highways as endless stretches flanked by sand dunes, you will be pleasantly surprised to ride through some of the densest forest terrain between Jaisalmer and Udaipur.

You will find some of the best and aptly titled cities in Rajasthan including  Jaipur, “The Pink City”; Udaipur “City of Lakes” or “ Venice of the East”; Jodhpur “Sun City” or “Blue City”; and Jaisalmer “ Golden City of India” ;to name a few.

Exploring this state and its culture, shopping for mementos to take back home, the simple and helpful people, the local sweets and the spicy food, the vibrant color costumes, the jewellery, the blue pottery, the traditional lac bangles, watching the sun rise over the lakes or watching the mesmerizing sunset over the dunes will beckon you to come over and over again to Rajasthan. In the meanwhile click pictures and stow them away in your memory closet till you can head this way again.



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