The new revamped Boxer, the Bharat bike from Bajaj Auto is scheduled for launch sometime next month. The earlier Boxer bike did not please bike enthusiasts, but Bajaj decided to revamp the bike even though they have other popular models like the Pulsar that are still going strong.

Well the reason behind this, is that the company feels there is a great demand for powerful and strong bikes in the rural Indian bike market. The new revamped Bharat bike will cater specifically to this segment.

Bajaj Bharat bikeAccording to a study carried out by the Bajaj, rural India lacks a bike that meets this criterion of offering performance as well as being sturdy enough to ride on rural Indian roads. Because of this, the company decided to revamp their not so successful Boxer, tuning it to specifically meet the needs of its rural Indian customers.

The market survey also revealed that around half of their customers live in the rural part of India, which is why the company had always decided to come out with a strong bike. To make it even more appealing, the company went in for a 150cc bike, instead of the usual 100cc bike.

The Bharat bike will feature great suspension, high torque and power. It will also be priced at an affordable rate, as the company evaluates its response.