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Rider 3385 £ Pillion 3085 £
DISTENCE 1280 kms
RIDING LEVEL Easy / Moderate
BEST TIME Oct to Nov
MOTORCYCLE Royal Enfield

A Motorcycle Escapade To The Cultural Carnival of Pushkar

An ecstatic tour to eye Indian Fairs brimmed with awe-inspiring celebrations, grand events cherished with life oozing activities, and cultural and musical events as you launch your Royal Enfield and jaunt through dusty roads of Rajsthan to grasp a bite of the real adventure through a Fully Guided Itinerary Of a Motorcycle Adventure Tour to  Rajasthan
with the Team of Indian Rides where the owner, Mr Naren, an ardent rider, will lead the group !

Fairs and Festivals of India are the reflections of peace and joy in the communities.
Indian Rides offers you a getaway package to Explore the culture and rich diversity of India at Pushkar Camel Fair with a Motorcycle Journey to Pushkar Annual Camel Fest. The Pushkar carnival or the Pushkar Mela is a sprawling annual festive and is celebrated for five days, through its dramatic collage of diversified pictures, mirrors the vibrancy of the gracious state of Rajasthan.

Why to Choose “The Mythical Camel Fair Of Pushkar” Tour?

  • Be the guest of the Royal Families Of Rajasthan.
  • Feel the vibrancy of the gracious state of Rajasthan at the Puskar Trade Fair.
  • Share trials and tribulations with a great bunch of guys with excellent backup.
  • We are a team of Local passionate riders, who better to show you around the country?

Feel the spirit of Rajasthan during its Festivals Celebration. Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate the glorious heritage, culture and traditions of the state. The state will fascinate you with its idyllic desert scenery and rugged mountain ranges on your Luxurious and Festival Experience on Royal Enfield in India.
Experience a flavoursome slice of history, luxury and Festivity on this Trip to India.

Highlights of the tour

  • Experience India by sitting behind the bar of your Royal Enfield Bullet.
  • Explore the cultural fabric of India as you indulge in the Mother of all Festivals, The Pushkar Fair.
  • The bullet lover in you will jump with joy with the Adventurous and Festival Celebration Holiday Trip on Royal Enfield in Rajasthan.
  • Catch glimpses of UNESCO Heritage sites of North India in Jaipur and Bikaner 
  • Get a  fascinating insight into the traditional way of life in Deogarh, Chandelao,  and Nimaaj villages.
  • Discover the Brahma city Of India- Pushkar

Embark on an adventurous road trip on a motorcycle to Pushkar - an oasis town blessed with only Brahma Temple in the country with an astounding combination of sand dunes, lake, hills and forest. The city gains the spotlight every November during the Camel Fair wherein open-air tourist arrangements are made, folk performances are presented, ladies dancing in traditional attires and men playing various instruments is what the whole scene is like.

Camel trading is the main highlight, and it takes place at the beginning of the festival.
Different activities involved in the fair are camel racing, horse shows, acrobatics, camel safaris and a plethora of other exciting events. Explore the vibrant bazaars of the town, and photograph the most cheerful people dressed in strikingly colourful dresses

Capture the view when the desert cities, surrounded by the vibrant melee of colours, festivities and traditions carried forward from generations and mounted with the revered Rajasthani traditions on your Festival Celebration Ride Tours to India On Motorbike


D1 Delhi - Mandawa

A cordial welcome at Delhi International Airport. A representative from Indian Rides Teams will help you to drive on to your privately chauffeured coach to travel deep into the “Land of Fairs and Festivals”, a land of vibrant culture, traditions and opulent architecture - Rajasthan. Your first transit will be to the town of Mandawa, sitting in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, which is abundant with Haveli's, mansions that were built in the 18th century. The town was a part of “The Silk Route”, and houses were of rich and affluent merchants. The town is called “Open Art Gallery”

Check into a royal and a palatial haveli of Mandawa town, The Mandawa Haveli.
It is a beautiful haveli, built in 1890, turned Heritage Hotel that combines old world charm and royalty with present modern day magnificence and luxuries.

Get introduced to the Team of Indian Rides, your travel partner on your The Fair and Festival Tour on a motorcycle in Rajasthan. The owner of Indian Rides, Mr Naren, himself will lead the group along with his team of support.

D2 Mandawa - Ramgarh - Mahensar

Today after breakfast it's time to get acquainted with your Royal Enfield motorcycle for your incredible  Fair and Festival Road Trip on Motorcycle In Rajasthan with off the beat destinations of Rajasthan.  Set off for the enduring memories of Rajasthan on the Fully Guided Pushkar Camel Fair Motorcycle itinerary to Rajasthan. Take time to get familiar with the control layouts, starting techniques, and bike handling for your Rajasthan Motorcycle adventure.
Start using your wheels. Fuel up and ride for an off the tourist map destination in Rajasthan- a tiny hamlet of Mahensar en route to Ramgarh. Jaunt through the hidden and remote villages of Rajasthan on your Royal Enfield. Relish scrumptious lunch with the Royal Family of Mahensar Fort.
Steer back to Mandawa. Stroll around and witness the truly unique works of art that adorn the walls of the Havelis - the fresco art which was used to be a unique art of painting, where the walls served as a canvas. The prominent ones are Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli, Murmuria Haveli, Jhunjhunwala Haveli and Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli. 

D3 Mandawa - Bikaner - Gajner

Set off for an intense Royal Enfield Motorcycle adventure and festival trip on the roads of Western Rajasthan and discover “The Camel Country” of Rajasthan- Bikaner, established in the year 1488 by Rao Bika Ji, a Rajput Prince with Imposing palaces, forts, and beautiful temples with excellent architecture that boasts the Rajput civilization’s finesse.
The palpable sense of history is immediately apparent when you enter the monumental Junagarh Fort. Wander through the royal palaces, pavilions, temples, audience halls and courtyards of the Fort that reflect the variety of architectural and artistic influences that have shaped the city of Bikaner.
Continue the Rajasthan Festival and Adventurous Motorcycle Holiday tour to the grand Palace Of Gajner Heritage Hotel, having a beautiful historical building located adjacent to a sanctuary and standing at the edge of a beautiful artificial lake, called Gajner Lake. This huge structure is your abode for tonight which is a unison of typical Rajput and colonial architecture in red sandstone.

D4 Gajner - Osian

Open your eyes to a view of a monstrous garden housing peacocks.
Today after breakfast, gear up for a Backcountry Discovery Route on a Royal Enfield with a ride ahead for Osian where roads run through the long straight highways meandering through the golden sand dunes.
Your Exotic and Luxurious Motorcycle Tour experience in Rajasthan along with Festival encounter rides through small villages set among desert oases with vast deep blue skies above the horizon of golden sands.

The evening is set in the heart of the deep Thar desert amidst the dunes of Osian. Hop on a camel’s back to go for a relaxing ride in the Thar. Listen to the stories and folklores about the region along with the folk music, Kalbalia dance performance: the tribal dance of Rajasthan. while looking far ahead towards the desert horizon.
Experience one of the best meals of your life in the desert camp. You will be made to sit on the floor and served a traditional “Rajasthani Food” cooked right in front of you. 
Indulge in desert camping and star gazing by staying in the tented camps.

D5 Osian - Chandelao

Witness the beautiful sunrise in the desert when Nature unfolds her treasure at the first ray of sunrise when the sun is low on the desert horizon.
Experience the glory of Rajsthan as you run your Motorbike on the Cross Country Road Maps of India.
On your Enduro Rajasthan Off-Roading Rides on a Motorcycle take a transit stoppage to Jodhpur, “The Blue City”. Marvel in the 15th century, one amongst the UNESCO Heritage sites Of Rajasthan, Mehrangarh Fort- a huge complex that sits on a 122m hill. The indigo-blue houses in the city vibrantly radiate their blue colours during the daytime. Witness the panoramic scenery formed by Blue- coloured houses, when viewed from the balustrades of Mehrangarh Fort.

Continue your Magnificent Rajasthan Festival Tour To India on Motorcycle Tour to explore the Unexplored Tourist destinations with a motorcycle adventure in Rajasthan. Catch the very common sight of a train of camels wandering on the Highways and head to another small desert village of Chandelao, a quaint village in the desert wilderness.
Your  Abode for tonight will be Chandelao Garh, a Fort-home of landlords and now is a luxurious home-stay, Carved in Jodhpur sandstone.
Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner (depending on the weather conditions) on the terrace of the Fort.

D6 Chandelao

With the first light of the morning, Open your eyes to the chirping and fluttering of birds. Peacocks roaming in the Fort’s corridors, Chandelao being home to many migratory birds.

After breakfast, Go for a nature walk around the village.
Enter the serpentine lanes of the village, comprising mud houses - with a weatherproof coating of cow manure, painted white or blue. Walls painted with the mandala art form. Meet local artisans. Spend your day with the typical ethnic communities - be part of laid back village life.  
Here, your eyes can easily catch a sight of women fetching water from the well, carrying large metal pots on their heads clad in bright coloured ghagra- choli , bangles up to their shoulders,odhni to veil their face, men wearing colourful turbans and white dhoti-kurtas looking for their herd, kids gawking on the street, traditional craftsmen involved in their intricacies. Spend time with native people and artisans, or lend a hand to a potter with clay.
Take a stroll near Olvi lake, a nearby lake to watch the birds at sunset, where can see many species of migratory birds, pelicans and a myriad of other birds basking in the late afternoon sun. 
Relish a royal Rajasthani dinner at the terrace of the fort enjoying a panoramic view of the village at night.

D7 Chandelao - Mihir Garh

Today after a scrumptious breakfast  venture along some of more Cultural and experiential motorcycle experiences in Rajasthan, take on the Happiness Road from 
Chandelao to Mihir Garh for an authentic local experience and tribal encounter of Regal Rajasthan. Nestled amidst the vast golden Thar Desert and offering an uparallele view of desert life is a picturesque and luxurious property of Mihir Garh. Live like a King in the Luxury Heritage Boutique Hotel of Rajasthan. 
The infinity pool of the Hotel provides a panoramic view of the Thar overlooking lush emerald green lawns with peacocks parading in the compounds.
Feel revitalised with an array of therapeutic massages and incredible spa therapies offered at the in-house spa.
Enjoy the Rajasthani Rajputic hospitality in an authentic rural ambience where the turbaned staff will anticipate your every need, fulfilling each tiny wish.

D8 Mihir Garh - DeoGarh

After breakfast, feel the Thump of your Royal Enfield with Puskar Camel Fair Luxurious Itinerary to Rajasthan where we will take you to a Rural Retreat and in the hidden villages of Rajasthan On Motorcycle in Deogarh - a small village sitting proudly on the border of Marwar, surrounded by Old fold mountains of Aravalli. Embark your Fairs and Festivals Holiday package Tour to Rajasthan on Vintage Motorbike, whereby your  Royal Enfield Bullet runs through the pastoral grounds to explore the native people in their fields with cattle and living in complete harmony with nature. Our fully guided Luxurious Vacations on Motorcycle in India escorts you to small villages around where one can meet locals who are engaged in making miniature paintings and stone polishing. Talk with the villagers and understand more about their lives and traditions.

Enjoy your stay in Deogarh Mahal, an imposing structure offering a commanding view of the Aravalli Mountain Ranges and was built in the 17 th century. 
Deogarh Mahal vaunts a Jacuzzi and a pool for the guests to slacken up after a taxing day

D9 DeoGarh - Nimaaj

After breakfast, continue your Exotic Indian Cultural Tour On a Motorcycle to a tranquil hideaway in the heart of the Aravalli ranges, Nimaj, a serene place to unwind yourself during your Best Motorcycle Cultural and Festival Holiday Tour In Rajasthan. One will remain spellbound by the beauty of landscapes and lakes that surrounds the village that sustains a healthy population of migratory birds.  

Endure the first-hand Rajasthani hospitality with a hint of royalty in one of the Rajasthan’s best Heritage Hotels and Palaces with a Royal twist, Nimaj palace. Around 300 years old palace turned into a heritage hotel with palatial rooms and a large pool area, are sure to charm you.
Go for an evening stroll in the village or watch the crimson sun setting behind the mountains from the terrace of your Heritage Hotel.
Finish your day with a scrumptious local and seasonal home-cooked meal as they lovingly serve you with a lot of warmth.

D10 Nimaj - Pushkar

Today after breakfast, continue your Motorcycle Travel Tour In India to Puskar Camel Fair. The sleepy desert destination, Pushkar,  where this oasis town is blessed with only Brahma Temple in the country with an astounding combination of sand dunes, lake, hills and forest.

The town welcomes pilgrims from all over the world, who come to pay their respects. The town is settled by the sacred lake, the Pushkar Lake, at the heart of the town, reputed to have been formed by a lotus thrown by the god Brahma.
The town is famous for the Pushkar camel fair that takes place every year during Kartik month, the eighth lunar month in the Hindu calendar. 
Walk through the labyrinth of alleys and lanes of the town, Pushkar Temple, the Lake and the ghats to discover the magic of this tranquil town.

D11 Pushkar

Today after breakfast, join the Pushkar camel fair.
Every year thousands of camels and local cattle traders and tourists join the Pushkar Camel Fair, where beautifully decked up camels are the highlight of the fair. Camel parades, camel beauty pageants, camel dance shows and the auction of the camels are integral components of the Fair and its main attraction.
Pushkar Cattle Fair is India’s greatest tribal gathering where one can witness a number of funky competitions like 'Matka Tod', 'Longest Moustache’ etc. Spot  Bhopa musicians playing Ravanhatha in the fair, around the lake or the desert and Kalbelia ladies performing dance in the dunes.
Take a leisurely stroll around the fair, ghats and market. Capture the beauty of fair through your camera lens.
Capture a good mix of ethnic and hippie cultures that is reflected in the Pushkar market.
In the evening catch the sight of people taking a holy dip in the lake.
Join the maha aarti ceremony by the Pushkar lake.

D12 Pushkar - Jaipur

Today after breakfast, Embark on the Fair and the Heritage Tour to Rajasthan on Royal Enfield to a city of grandeur and the capital of the royal state Rajasthan “The Pink City” of India. Jaipur lies on the edge of the Thar Desert, surrounded by the Aravali hills. The Pink Paradise is an evocative showcase of regal Rajasthani architecture and is home to many UNESCO Heritage Sites was founded in 1727 by Sawai Jai Singh II. Explore the remarkably well-preserved heritage,  hilltop forts, bustling old bazaars, and lovely palaces.
Visit Royal Enfield Showroom in Jaipur. Buy Yourself a souvenir from a range of riding gears and accessories available at the store.

D13 Jaipur

Discover the royal city with our local tour guide, who will assist you first to - Amber Fort (Amer Fort) installed high on top of a rugged hill with a splendid view of the city and Maota lake. Its magnificent courtyards, manicured grounds and intricate carvings are greatly influenced by Hindu and Mughal architecture. Next on the card would be - Hawa Mahal, (The palace of winds), built-in blush-hued pink sandstone, a building with hundreds of jharokhas (windows). Moving ahead to the City Palace, a masterpiece of Mughal and Rajput architecture consists of vast courtyards with beautiful paintings, temples and museums displaying Rajputana glory. Witness the magnificence of the Jantar Mantar  UNESCO’s World Heritage List describes it as “an expression of the astronomical skills and cosmological concepts of the court of a scholarly prince.

Jaipur is the perfect blend of heritage, palaces, culture and art.  The place is packed to the rim with labyrinthian old townhouses and countless treasures with its bazaars, designers, street food and age old culture. Browse Jaipur’s flower-filled colourful bazaars.

D14 Delhi

Our representative will drop you at the Delhi International Airport.
Catch your homebound flight.
We are sure you’ll have many wonderful memories of Rajasthan's Unique Luxurious, Adventurous and Festival motorcycle trip Itinerary to reflect upon as you journey home.

Chose your own dates for this adventure

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  • Hotels – Taxes.
  • Service of local guides for monuments.
  • All domestic transports.
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