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DISTENCE 1150 kms
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BEST TIME Oct to March
MOTORCYCLE Royal Enfield

The spirit of Travel

Have you ever considered mixing Adventure Touring on your motorcycle and visiting wild animals in their natural habitat?

India is a land of extreme biodiversity with a plethora of Wildlife habitats peppered across its undulating landscapes. There is no wildlife holiday tour to India more iconic than an Indian Wildlife Safari Tour On Motorcycle. Riding on your Royal Enfield along dusty tracks and looking out across sun-baked, game-filled Chitals can give anyone an adrenaline rush.

A tour for wildlife and motorcycle enthusiasts to the diverse and abundant land of the Rajasthan. A journey that lets you hurl your motorcycle throught the rustic roads of villages and serpentine trails of the forests in India. 

Why to Choose “The WildLife Havens Of Rajasthan” Tour?

  • Expert-led Indian safari in the game rich area of  Ranthambore National Park. 
  • Evoke your senses in the villages of the gracious state of Rajasthan.
  • Share trials and tribulations with a great bunch of guys with excellent backup.
  • We are a team of Local passionate riders, who better to show you around the country?

Indian Rides Wildlife Tour lets you feel the magic of nature and culture as you jaunt through the Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve, a home to the elusive Bengal tiger. An amazing treat for nature lovers and Motorcycle riders or for anyone with a passing interest in such adventures as they conjure up an incredible array of experiences through this wildlife adventurous trip to India on Motorbike. 

Highlights of the tour

  • Experience the country from the saddle of your Royal Enfield bike.
  • Explore the cultural vibrancy of Rajasthan as you interact with the natives.
  • Feel the pulse of the earth in the wild heart of India, Ranthambore National Park.
  • Learn about the Bishnoi community, one of the communities of indigenous people in Rajasthan whose roots are from the ancient communities of hunters and gatherers. 
  • Get a  fascinating insight into the traditional way of life in Chandelao and Bundi villages.
  • Calm your mind and soul as you live in harmony with nature in Pangarh and Jawai Bandh.
  • The bullet lover in you will jump with joy with the Adventurous Wildlife Motorcycle Holiday Trip on Royal Enfield in Rajasthan.
  • Lose yourself in the pink city of Jaipur and in the grandeur of Udaipur. 

Embark on an adventurous road trip on a motorcycle to the villages of Rajasthan that lets the nature recreate its magic upon you, where your eyes can easily catch a sight of women fetching water from the well, carrying large metal pots on their heads clad in bright coloured ghagra- choli , bangles up to their shoulders, odhni to veil their face, men wearing colourful turbans and white dhoti-kurtas looking for their herd, kids gawking on the street, traditional craftsmen involved in their intricacies. Spend time with native people and artisans and local communities.

The tour is led by Indian Rides superb local naturalists, who invariably have unparalleled knowledge and a deep connection to the wildlife and landscape.
Spot the huge concentrations of big game with us!!


D1 Arrive Jodhpur - Chandelao

A cordial welcome by the representative of Indian Rides at Jodhpur airport. Embark on a journey to the perfect destination for Motorcycle adventure and wild life encounter with an abundance of culture and history - Rajasthan. Catch onto a scenic drive to a tiny hamlet of Chandelao In the Western Thar Desert. The Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan has an impressive vastness distinguished by rugged roads of semi-deserted and unmetalled roads and the cultural diversity of the land.
Check in to Majestic Chandelao Garh which is the fortress-style home of a clan of the landowners of the area and has been tastefully converted to a modern homestay. Carved in Jodhpur sandstone, built in the 18th century, with a touch of Roman architecture.

In the evening, gather for a group briefing and introduction with the Team of Indian Rides, your travel buddies on your motorcycle wildlife adventure tours to Rajasthan. The owner of Indian Rides, Mr Naren,  will lead the group along with his team of backup and support.

D2 Chandelao

Chandelao is home to many migratory birds. With the first ray of the morning, Open your eyes to the musical chirping of the birds. Peacocks roaming in the Fort’s corridors.

After breakfast, it's time to get acquainted with your Royal Enfield motorcycle. Sit behind the bar and Set off for the challenging days in the saddle of your Wildlife Encounter Tour To Rajasthan on Royal Enfield on magical little trails scouted with care for the Fully Guided Motorcycle Trip to Rajasthan. Take a short spin on your bike, and check the adjustments required. The journey starts with a flag-off, ride to the tiny villages around Chandelao. 
The villages around are home to the famous Bishnoi Community. The Bishnois have for centuries, been conserving the flora and fauna to the extent of sacrificing their lives to protect the environment.  On your Motorcycle Trip To Western Rajasthan meet the typical Bishnoi and ethnic communities

Steer back to Chandelao. Go for a nature walk around the village.
Enter the serpentine lanes of the village, comprising mud houses.
Take a stroll near Olvi lake, a nearby lake to watch the birds at sunset, where can see many species of migratory birds, varied varieties of common crane, sarus crane, peafowl, herons, pelicans and a myriad of other birds basking in the late afternoon sun. More inquisitive ones can ask for binoculars and a bird identification guide.

Relish a royal Rajasthani dinner at the terrace of the fort enjoying a panoramic view of the village at night.

D3 Chandelao - Fort Dhamli

Today after breakfast gear up yourself for a thrilling leg of the Rajasthan Motorbike Adventure Tour and head to the Marwar Region of Rajasthan for an authentic Rajputic hospitality and get acquainted with the glorious past and royal heritage of the Rajputs in a tiny hamlet village of Dhamli.
Spend your day away from the hustle bustle and close to nature in Fort Dhamli. The Fort was the family home of Thakurs of Rathore Dynasty. Fully renovated historical home is decorated with traditional, ornamented arts and crafts of the village folks.
One can enjoy a Horse safari in the heritage hotel as the owner is a  lover and breeder of Marwari Horses.
Take a sneak peak into the lives of Indigenous Communities and experience rural Rajasthan on your Motorcycle Holiday Tours To Rajasthan. Witness the astonoishing view of fodder being  planted everywhere for cattle, one of the ways the villagers protect their land from getting eroded.
Spot the wild animals, antelopes roaming freely in this village. 
Discover the joy of sunset from the terrace of the Fort Dhamli with cherry-up calls of the merriest birds.

D4 Fort Dhamli - Jawai Bandh

The day starts with an ultimate Wildlife Experience on Royal Enfield and a journey to Jawai Bandh. A picturesque dam built across the Jawai river, a tributary of Luni river, in Rajasthan. The town is stationed amid Aravali ranges and is a dwelling ground for Indian Leopards. 
The highway to Jawai Bandh is covered with lush green Tropical Deciduous forests and gushing streams of water. On the way ,our Royal Enfield Motorcycle Riders Group, will meet the impoverished and marginalized tribal people with their past rapidly disappearing. Spot the typical Rajasthani tribal communities on the Motorcycle Tour. Their spirit keeps them going, clad in bright and vibrant traditional attires, living in mud houses and always smiling and welcoming strangers on their big noisy machines. Run your Royal Enfield through the dusty and narrow streets of micro villages of Rajasthan.  

Jawai is known for its sanctuaries for leopards, birds, and crocodiles. It is also called the winter paradise for migratory birds with more than 100 species frequenting every year. Alongwith a great variety of birds, Jawai is home to panthers, hyenas, chinkaras, nilgai, bears, and wolves as well.
Here you can pick a trekking expedition or Motorcycle safari to enjoy the wild natural beauty of Rajasthan’s dense forests, giving thrill where different species of wild animals, birds, leopards can be spotted easily.

D5 Jawai Bandh - Udaipur

Today after breakfast, Steer on your Royal Enfield towards Southern Rajasthan for a Thrilling Motorcycle Wildlife Safari Tours in India
ride through the serpentine roads of the old fold and rugged mountains of  Aravalli. The ride offers enchanting views of the mountains and gurgling streams with steep to medium slopes and daunting roads along the way to keep testing the best of the adventurer in you. A layover in a serene restaurant, offering a mesmerizing spectacle of the ranges and rocky terrains, for Lunch. Continue your Offbeat and Amazing Road Trip Experience on a Motorbike in Rajasthan, to the ‘Venice of the East’- Udaipur, the romantic city of Rajasthan, dotted with lakes - The historic capital of Mewar, also called the "City of Lakes" because of its sophisticated lake system, with seven lakes surrounding the city. “The white city” of India is known for its traditional fairs and festivals, historic forts and palaces, galleries and gardens, architectural temples and museums.

D6 Udaipur

Today begin your Fully guided sightseeing tour of Udaipur on a tuk-tuk. Start the day at the imposing City Palace, a monument of Rajput and Mughal architecture. With its mahals decked with antiquities and paintings, silver and inlay work, and intricate mirror work. Stroll through the Saheliyon-ki-Bari or ‘Garden of maids”, full of marble art, canopies and fountains. The Jagdish Temple is an eclectic mix of stone elephants, carved pillars, impressive spires and exuberant architecture, devoted to Lord Vishnu.
Enjoy a romantic boat ride in the splendid Lake Pichola where the iconic Lake Palace appears levitating on Lake Pichola. Enjoy a calm breeze and serene waters with a beautiful sunset with your valentine.

D7 Udaipur - Pangarh

Today after a scrumptious breakfast  venture along some of more Experiential and Wildlife Adventure Experience on a Motorcycle Holiday Package to Rajasthan, take on the Happiness Road from Udaipur to Pangarh for an the Nomadic Views and Tribal Encounter Of Regal Rajasthan on Royal Enfield. 
Pangarh is nestled peacefully in the Vindhyachal Ranges as one of the best kept secret destinations in Rajasthan. Experience the wonders of nature amidst serenity and tranquility of the Pangarh Lake on Off the trail Motorcycle Rides in Rajasthan. 
Sync in with the nature as you take a leisurely stroll near the Lotus flowers filled lake. Relish freshly harvested water chestnuts from the lake. Interact with indegenious villagers and experience their simple hospitality and warmth.
Indulge in night camping and barbeque near the lake and behold the mesmerising sights of the beautiful star studded sky as you lounge in the serenity of the hills and the lake. 

Listen the harmony of the cattle bells ringing and rustling of the wind against the serendipity of the calm night.

D8 Pangarh - Bijaipur

Wake up to a blissful morning with the chorus songs sung by the chirping birds and catch the morning view of the lake. 
After breakfast, gear up for yet another Ride your Motorbike on the Sun Beaten and Adventurous tracks in India and head for Bijaipur. Your Rajasthan Motorcycle Trip to the lesser known places crosses through tranquil and undisturbed lush green escaped roads, overlooking the splendours of the valley to Bijaipur. The last 30 km of the ride runs through the  Deciduous forests of the Vindhyanchal ranges, waterfalls, lakes, tiny villages and gushing streams. 
If there ever was a way to experience living like a maharajah, it is in Rajasthan’s Palace Hotels. Live in the royal ambience like a King and enjoy the warmth of Rajputana hospitality in the Castle of Bijaipur. The 350 years old castle is perched high on the hills of the Vindhyanchal Ranges, offering a bird’s eye view of the village.
Destress yourself with an Ayurvedic and holistic spa by the pool.
Spend your evening by getting the glimpses of the local and simple life of Rajasthani people by browsing the bustling vibrant markets
Dine on elaborate meals cooked from royal recipes, in royal kitchens by the pool. Turbaned staff will anticipate your every need, fulfilling each tiny wish. 

D9 Bijaipur - Bundi

Today after breakfast, Continue the motorcycle voyage ride in India. Ride your Royal Enfield on the dirt tracks along the Chambal river, encounter some breathtaking vistas, including a fortress built on the banks of the river. Take serpentine track that leads you through the jungle to the Blue city of Eastern Rajasthan, Bundi.
After a week of riding in Rajasthan, a rest day at Bundi.
Depending upon your interest, you can choose to visit the various sightseeing places like Taragarh Fort, Garh Palace or Raniji ki Baori. 
Else sit back and relax in your hotel premises.

D10 Bundi - Ranthambore

After breakfast, gear up for the Motorcycle Wildlife Safari Tours to Ranthambore In Rajasthan. Also called as the  “ The Land of Bengal Tigers”- Ranthambore National Park, which lies on the margins of the old fold mountains of Aravalli ranges, covered by dry deciduous forests, encircled by a series of high escarpments, lakes, dry scrub and grassland provides a natural habitat to Tigers. The Reserve is dotted with old forts and temples, creating a wonderful atmosphere for both bird and mammal viewing against the backdrop of Rajput castles.
Ride scenic paved roads of varying quality, through Deep Forest and round many hairpin bends with the Best Wildlife Adventure Tour To India On Motorcycle.

D11 Ranthambore

Early in the morning, while the mist is still rising, we’ll head into the park for our game drive and the chance to take in the natural beauty of Ranthambore, where the possibility of seeing a tiger - as well as many other wild animals - is as high as anywhere in India.  Covering an area of around  1,334 sq. km and bounded by Banas and Chambal river, Ranthambore National Park provides a natural habitat to a wide variety of flora- around 539 species and fauna - including more than 70 tigers. Apart from the tiger, other big cats of the park are Leopard, Leopard cat, Desert cat, Caracal, Fishing cat and Jungle cat. One can also spot Indian elephant, wild water buffalo, Gaur, nilgai, Barasingha, Blackbuck, Chinkara
On your early morning game drive, you will be accompanied by local guides, whose expert knowledge of the Reserve can be invaluable when tracking down some of the more elusive species. 
In the evening, you can go on short birdwatching walks around the lodge. 

D12 Ranthambore - Jaipur

This morning, ride through the exquisite scenery of Rajasthan on Royal Enfield and head north-west to Jaipur. Often referred to as the 'pink city', Jaipur was founded in 1727 by Sawai Jai Singh II and was first painted terracotta pink in 1876 to celebrate the visit of the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria to the city. 
The Pink Paradise is an evocative showcase of regal Rajasthani architecture and is home to many UNESCO Heritage Sites.. Explore the remarkably well-preserved heritage, hilltop forts, bustling old bazaars and lovely palaces.
Visit Royal Enfield Showroom in Jaipur. Buy Yourself a souvenir from a range of riding gears available.

D13 Jaipur

Our day starts with a visit to the imposing Amber Fort, the Rajput masterpiece perched on a hillside overlooking the city. This colossal fort was built by Raja Man Singh I in the 16th century and is known for its artistic style, blending both Hindu and Rajput elements with its large ramparts, series of gates and cobbled paths. Head to the fascinating and beautifully ornate City Palace Museum, built by the founder and namesake of the modern city Jai Singh II.  Witness the magnificenc of the Jantar Mantar, the UNESCO listed Royal Observatory.
Evening is free to visit the local bazaar or relax at the hotel.

D14 Jaipur - Delhi

Today after breakfast drive back to Delhi.
A representative from Indian Rides will transfer you to your abode for the night.
The evening is at leisure.
Overnight in  Delhi.

D15 Departure

Our representative will drop you at the Delhi International Airport.
Catch your homebound flight.

Bid adieu to the enchanted land of India, with enchanting memories of Rajasthan's WildLife Adventurous Motorcycle Trip.

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  • Hotels – Taxes.
  • Service of local guides for monuments.
  • All domestic transports.
  • 24 * 7 Assistance by team INDIAN RIDES.
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