Indian Himalayan Tour On Royal Enfield


The Mighty Himalayas are the crown of the Indian sub- Continent, separating the plains of India from the Tibetan Plateau. The Fully Guided Motorcycle Tour to Indian Himalayas lets you explore the highest mountain chains of the world, rising from the Shivalik ranges to moving higher into the mid-Himalayas to the greater Himalayas and beyond into the Trans- Himalayan expanse of Tibet. 
Take the less explored track with a Motorcycle Tour To the Gateway of Tibet and discover the  treasure trove of unexplored destinations of Trans- Himalayas on Royal Enfield, where peace, natural beauty, calm, and spirituality await you. 
Set amidst the epic Himalayas is the region of Ladakh, pick an adventurous tour to Leh and Ladakh, a rustic and heavenly beautiful travel destination, sitting on the upper Indus river. Ride towards the off the beaten destinations in Ladakh on Motorcycle from the paucity of roads to the Tibetan plateau, where elevations exceed 4,500 metres with the motorcycle tour to the highest passes of the world. Embark on a motorbike trip to Spiti valley where you get to traverse through some of the most mystifying valleys of Himachal.

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Conquer Himalayas on Royal Enfield


A Soulful and Blissful Tour to Ladakh on Motorcycle for those who are solitude seekers as well as Motorbike adventure enthusiasts. Bikers on this journey to the Himalayas ride through a realm of ancient silk routes, Buddhist Monasteries and the contrast of crimson(clothes of little monks) against the backdrop of ivory-white mountains whereby your Motorbike offers a more intimate connection with the people of the places you pass by.
Feel the chill in your spine as you cross the highest mountain passes of the world on Royal Enfield.

14 Days
1500 kms
June to Sep
Rider 2995 £ Pillion 2695 £

Trans-Himalayan on Royal Enfield

A dream Motorcycle tour to the Trans- Himalayas that your coronary heart always wanted to pursue. This Holiday trip to Leh Ladakh on Royal Enfield helps you to unwind and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. Experience the pristine azure lakes,  natural beauty, the cold desert Landscape, peaceable valley, and high mountain pass of Zaskar and riverside villages in Nubra, which feature the incredible beauty of this place. The land with mountain hugging, and ancient monasteries having both religious and cultural significance.

15 Days
1475 Kms
Aug to Sep
Rider 3185 £ Pillion 2795 £

Spiti Valley - The little Tibet of India

A MotorBike ride through the Kingdom of Magic to explore the unexplored and offbeat destinations in the Trans- Himalayan region of India- Spiti Valley, test your enthusiasm to ride through gallant terrains of the high altitude cold desert, glacial lakes, moon- like landscape, high mountain passes and last Indian villages at the Indo- Tibetan border region. The summer tour to Spiti Valley lets you ride through the challenging roads running through the verdant hills of the Middle Land between Ladakh and Tibet, A land rich in Buddhist- Tibetan culture, largest and ancient monasteries having both religious and cultural significance.

14 Days
860 Kms
June to Sep
Rider 2985 £ Pillion 2585 £