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Rider 3185 £ Pillion 2795 £
RIDING LEVEL Moderate / Challenging
BEST TIME Aug to Sep
MOTORCYCLE Royal Enfield


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Royal Enfield On the Silk Road: Indian Himalayas
Imagine yourself riding through the 15 feet of huge snow walls whereby your Royal Enfield hurling through them!!
The Biking Expedition To Leh Ladakh trip is one of the most enduring and adventurous bike trips one can choose in their lifetime. 

Ride your bike on the various degrees of high-altitude trails, crossing 5 world’s highest mountain passes in 15-16 days, Isn’t that amazing?
This adventurous once in a lifetime Leh Ladakh Motorbike trip to Indian Himalayas  begins from conquering the famous mountain passes of Tanglang-la (5328 m), Baralacha La (4890 m), Chang-La (5360 m) and Khardung La (5359 m) 

Why to Choose “ Motorcycle Expedition To Leh Ladakh In India”?

  • Ride some of the world’s highest motorable passes, Khardung-La, Taglang-La, Lachulung-La
  • Challenge your riding skills with 112 consecutive hairpins, each one carefully numbered
  • Share trials and tribulations with a great bunch of guys with excellent backup.
  • We are a team of native passionate riders, who have been riding world’s thrilling terrains for more than 16 years

“ The Dream Motorcycle run to the Himalayas” is a grand sweep tour by Indian Rides that takes you through an ancient mountain kingdom with its distinct Tibetan Buddhist heritage, the moon-like breathtaking Himalayan landscapes. Cold desert mountains are the “Land Of High Passes”  which crawls through LADAKH-  India’s highest plateau,  cradled between the two highest mountain ranges in the world- Karakoram Range and the Greater Himalayas. Defined by the barren cliffs, craggy plateaus and highest cold desert, Ladakh’s astounding scenery is peppered with a number of colourful monasteries, multi coloured prayer flags and traditional culture- making it a sanctuary of Buddhist calm.

Highlights of the tour

  • Feel the adrenaline rush running through your veins as you drive through the world’s highest motorable pass, Khardung La
    Visit the Thiksey and Hemis Monastery that epitomise the glory of Buddhism.  
  • Catch the serene glimpses of white domed Shanti Stupa or of a tall statue of Maitreya Buddha in the Diskit Monastery
  • Experience geographic undulation of mountains, forests, deserts, lakes and rivers in one beautiful place.
  • Interact with Ladakhi people- descendants of a blended race of Mons of North India, Dards of Baltistan and Mongols of Central Asia.
  • Taste the staple food of Ladakhi people - Sku and Thukpa (thick soup) and khambir (local bread).
  • Sojourn in the remote areas of the Himalayan Ranges.

So are you thrilled and excited to be a part of our journey through the world’s toughest terrain under the guidance of Native and experienced riders, who have been riding in these highest mountains for a long? 
And if you are ready for this wonderful Himalayan Voyage… you are surely in the right place!!


D1 Arrival Delhi

 A warm- Hearted welcome at Delhi International Airport, a representative from Indian Rides will assist you with transfer to your hotel.

Spend the rest of the day recovering from your flight.

D2 Delhi - Leh

Today marks the beginning of your adventurous Motorcycle Tour To Leh and Zanskar Valley, as our dedicated representative will accompany you to Delhi Airport for your domestic flight to Leh. 

 Upon arrival in Leh,  we will ensure a seamless transfer to your hotel, where you can unwind and recharge after your travels. Leh is perched at a remarkable elevation of 3500 meters above sea level, so the initial hours of the following day are reserved for relaxation. This allows you to acclimate to the local climate, high altitude, and lower air pressure.

 After indulging in a delightful lunch, you will acquaint yourself with the Indian Rides Team, your Motorcycle Tour planner in India, and your fellow adventurers who will join you on this exhilarating journey through the Himalayas. Leading the group will be Mr. Naren, the visionary founder of Indian Rides, who will personally guide the expedition, backed by his experienced and capable team.

D3 Leh

Start your day with a light and healthy breakfast, and help your body to adjust to the high altitude.

 Embark on the first part of one of the Best Motorcycle Tours In India, as you begin with local sightseeing of Leh. Today's destination is the tranquil Shanti Stupa, a spiritual oasis, perched above Leh,  a striking white monument. Built by Japanese monks, it radiates serenity and offers panoramic views of the Himalayas. The Stupa was constructed by Japanese monks in 1991 to commemorate 2,500 years of the Buddhist religion and stands as a symbol of unity and spirituality.

 As the evening approaches, venture into the vibrant Leh Main market, a bustling hub in the heart of Ladakh. Its colorful shops, small cafes, and vibrant atmosphere offer a taste of local culture. Explore and discover unique treasures while enjoying the lively ambiance.

 Remember, Acclimatization is a gradual process just ensure you get adequate rest and sleep and always listen to your body!

D4 Leh - Hemis - Thiksey - Leh

Today marks the commencement of your grand Leh Motorcycle ride itinerary through new roads, a voyage into the heart of rugged and untamed landscapes. The melody of adventure harmonizes with the symphony of nature on the Himalayan Motorcycle Tours.

 Kick start your journey, with a comprehensive briefing, delving into imperative safety protocols, tour strategies, road dynamics, and a personal gear assessment. Now is the moment to carefully choose your Royal Enfield, a loyal steed that shall accompany you through this offbeat Ladakh Motorbike Tour. Acquaint yourself with the intricacies of ignition, control interfaces, and expert bike handling. 

 Adorned in stylish leather gear, head to Hemis Monastery on Royal Enfield, Ladakh's largest and most magnificent monastic institution. Nestled along the serene banks of the Indus River, this monastery boasts a striking copper-gilt statue of Lord Buddha, along with countless gold and silver stupas and sacred thangka paintings.

Continue your India Motorcycle Adventure Tour to Thiksey Monastery, a majestic jewel in Ladakh, just 17 km from Leh along the Manali- Leh highway in the tranquil Indus Valley. With its remarkable twelve stories and affiliation with the Gelugpa sect, it offers visitors a captivating glimpse into the Yellow Hat tradition. The melodious chants of young Buddhist monks, prayer ceremonies, and the monastery's stunning architecture make Thiksey an unmissable stop on the Motorcycle Group Tour to Ladakh, leaving an indelible mark on the soul.

 After a spiritual day exploring the Indian Himalayas on a motorcycle, return to your Leh hotel, cherishing the rich experiences of the day. This journey is not only about adventure but also about connecting with the spiritual essence of this majestic region.

D5 Leh - Temisgam

Today after a hearty breakfast, set forth on a captivating odyssey astride your trusty Royal Enfield on a Himalayan motorcycle Tour In Leh, embarking on a spellbinding voyage from the enchanting Leh to the idyllic sanctuary of Temisgam. 

As you rev your engines, you will traverse through Ladakh's captivating landscape, navigating winding mountain roads, and covering elevations that leave you breathless, both from the altitude and the breathtaking vistas. Your route will take you through remote villages, allowing you to soak in the essence of Ladakhi culture and traditions.

Temisgam is a remote and a must visit village in the Indian Himalayas on a Motorcycle, nestled amidst this starkly beautiful terrain,  surrounded by green fields and apricot orchards, and an offbeat tourist destination in Ladakh for travelers seeking serenity and peace. Ride to this tranquil Sanctuary for a complete Indian experience on a Motorcycle


D6 Temisgam - Likir - Lumayuru

Today Morning, start your day with breakfast and gear up for an exhilarating and adventurous motorcycle route in the Himalayas, offering breathtaking views of the Ladakh region.

 Lamayuru captivates with its ancient charm and unique "lunar landscape," often referred to as a "Moonscape" due to its extraordinary geographical formations. Prepare to be mesmerized as you visit the Lamayuru Monastery, a serene sanctuary adorned with antique designs, captivating vistas, and devoted monks. The monastery perches at an altitude of 3510 meters and is one of the oldest monasteries sitting at the head of the Indus Valley.

Ride your Royal Enfield along the awe-inspiring Himalayan roads with the best routes for Himalayan Motorcycle Touring that meander alongside the flowing river, traverse the barren desert, and lead you through mud- walled villages enveloped in vibrant green fields. The journey culminates at the base of an immense gorge, where the allure of Lamayuru awaits.

D7 Lumayuru - Kargil

The best guided Motorcycle Tour to Leh and Ladakh, the updated Himalayan route from August 2023 onwards traverses through Kargil.

 Today Morning, start your day with an early breakfast and gear up for an exhilarating and adventurous motorcycle route in the Himalayas, offering breathtaking views of the Ladakh region.

Begin your ride towards Fotu La Pass, one of the highest mountain passes in the region at a height of 4108 meters. The natural beauty of this place offers a wonderful opportunity to revel in the essence of the region. Descend down to the picturesque village of Mulbekh and visit one of the popular tourist attractions on the Leh- Kargil Highway, about 70 km from Lamayuru is Mulbekh Monastery. Witness the 30 feet tall statue of the Maitreya Buddha which is carved on an enormous slab of stone.

 Resume your Motorcycle trip to the Himalayas from Leh to Kargil Via Namkila Pass, located at a height of 3700 meters. Ride through rugged terrains and sublime landscapes of brown mountains, adorned with winding and serpentine trails, creating a mesmerizing sight that is perfect for photography enthusiasts.


D8 Kargil - Padum

Prepare for an early morning departure as today you will be entering the heart of Zanskar in Ladakh on a bike. This offbeat track demands meticulous bag strapping, as the Zanskar motorcycle trip is a true test of your riding prowess.

As you depart from Kargil, you will gradually ascend into the Zanskar region, passing through picturesque villages. The 240 km long route offers spectacular views of towering peaks, deep gorges, and pristine rivers. The highlight of this journey is crossing the iconic Pensi La Pass, which stands at an altitude of over 4400 m. The pass provides panoramic vistas of the Zanskar Range and is a photographer's paradise. The journey from Kargil to Padum takes you along a narrow and winding road, adorned with numerous steep hairpin bends that make this ride as one of the most challenging bike riding routes in the Indian Himalayas.

Padum is the biggest village in Zanskar Valley, The charm of this hidden gem of Zanskar Valley lies in its pristine surroundings. The town is cradled amidst a landscape of rugged mountains, fertile valleys, and meandering streams. 

D9 Padum

Today after breakfast, mount on your Royal Enfield for a fully guided motorcycle tour to leh and Zanskar Valley. Beginning with things to see in Zanskar, first on the list goes the resplendent Karsha Monastery: the largest monastery in Zanskar. With its time -honored architectural marvels, vibrant murals, and ethereal spiritual resonance, beckons you to uncover its sacred secrets.

Next, on your tour to Padum on a bike you can venture toward the venerable Zangla Palace, a medieval royal residence, that offers a glimpse into the region's history. Next, visit the Starrimo Monastery residence of 30 monks that clings to a tree-covered ridge 

 Alternatively, you can take leisurely walks around Padum town, where the traditional Ladakhi architecture graces the streets of Padum:  whitewashed houses with intricately designed wooden windows and doors add a touch of timeless elegance to the town, admire the traditional Ladakhi architecture and culture in Zanskar.


D10 Padum - Jispa

Today Morning, start your day with an early breakfast and gear up for an exhilarating and adventurous motorcycle route in the Himalayas, offering breathtaking views of the Ladakh region.

The highlight of this journey is crossing the breathtaking Shinku La Pass, which stands at an altitude of over 5091 m. The pass provides panoramic vistas of the Zanskar Range and is a photographer's paradise.

 Your Stay tonight will be at Jispa, sit around the bonfire directly under the sky for star gazing, where the cold breeze and the silence of the valley add to the beauty of the night.

D11 Jispa - Tso Kar

As you approach Tsokar Lake, the landscape transforms into a high- altitude desert, Tso Kar is a saltwater lake that is about 7 km in length and more than 2 km in width. The lake is at an elevation of about 14,850 ft and is surrounded by two towering peaks – 6,370 m high Gursan Peak and 6,050 m high Thugie Peak. Dedicate your day to discovering the enchanting allure of this region, engaging with the warm-hearted locals, and submerging yourself in the rich tapestry of Ladakh.

Tsokar is a salt water lake, that serves as a haven for a diverse array of wildlife, drawing in migratory birds and creating a paradise for avid birdwatchers. Let your camera's shutter compose its sweet symphony with the early morning light, and allow the timeless beauty of the village to enchant all who witness it.

As the sun gracefully descended behind Tsokar Lake, its warm embrace cast a mesmerizing palette of colors across the serene waters, marking the end of the day.

D12 Tso Kar - Leh

Following breakfast, resume your offbeat Motorcycle Tour through the Himalayas by riding back to Leh via Tanglang La Pass. It is one of the world's highest motorable passes, reaching an elevation of over 5,328 m. The challenging ascent to the pass rewards you with breathtaking panoramic views of the rugged Himalayan terrain. The thrill of conquering mountain passes of India on a motorcycle is an experience in itself. The challenge of navigating the steep and winding roads adds to the sense of adventure. As you reach the summit of Tanglang La, take a moment to savor the achievement and the jaw- dropping vistas which is every biker’s dream. The pass is adorned with colorful prayer flags that flutter the wind, and the air is crisp and thin.

 After conquering the pass, you will begin your descent toward Leh, where you can retire with an unforgettable motorbike experience in India.

D13 Leh - Khardung La - Leh

This morning, after a hearty breakfast, kick- start your Royal Enfield motorcycle for an unforgettable journey to the Himalayas on Motorcycle towards Khardung la World’s highest motorable pass.

Riding atop your  Royal Enfield with a Motorcycle Tour to the Highest passes of India, chart a course towards the renowned Khardung La Pass, a majestic sentinel that towers at an impressive altitude of 5359 meters above sea level. Ascend towards this legendary pass, alternatively referred to as K-Top or the 'Pass of Lower Castle’ with a Must- do Motorcycle ride in the world for a biker. Prepare your lens to capture every spectacular moment with your troop on top, against the serene beauty of the valley.Drive back to Leh

D14 Leh - Delhi

Bid adieu to the enchanting landscapes of Ladakh with an experience that touches the heart and board a flight to Delhi, the vibrant Indian capital.

On arrival, you will an official from Indian Rides and be transferred to your hotel.

The remainder of the day is at leisure.

You can rest or discover the capital city on your own.

D15 Departure Delhi

Departure from Hotel, as per your flight schedule.

Guranteed departure
from 2 participants
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3185 £ 2795 £ --- Full Closed
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3285 £ 2795 £ --- Book Now
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  • Motorcycle Royal Enfield 500 CC with mechanic.
  • Include unlimited kilometres and fuel.
  • English speaking guide on the motorcycle.
  • Assistance vehicle with driver for your baggage.
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5.0 Based on 4 reviews

What an incredible journey, a genuine adventure in the highlands of the Himalayas. Navigating through breathtaking landscapes where rugged mountains meet lush oases and sparkling emerald lakes. Tackling challenging roads as you transition into the Eastern world, this trip is a paradise for those who crave winding roads. It's not tailored for Harley cruisers but for those who are ready to get down and dirty, facing the true challenges of switchbacks, road works, gravel paths, water crossings, and immersing themselves in local traffic. Halting in remote spots for a chai tea break allows you to soak in the scenery. Indian Rides orchestrates an epic journey, well-organized with ample time to absorb the local atmosphere in the demanding high-altitude environment. Perfect for fostering team bonding among friends, with plenty of laughter along the way.


It was our first family road trip in the Indian Himalayas on Bikes, and it turned out to be the best choice we could have made. Opting for Indian Rides was a decision that delivered on multiple fronts:
1. Feel at Home:
The team made us feel at home throughout the journey, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.
2. Security Matters:
Indian Rides genuinely cares about your security, providing a sense of confidence and assurance throughout the trip.
3.Promise Keepers:
They do exactly what they promise, ensuring that expectations are not just met but exceeded.
The whole team of Indian Rides played crucial roles in making this road trip the most successful and memorable one. After waiting for five years to embark on this adventure, choosing Indian Rides made every moment worth the wait.

David Philips

Trans Himalayas


Indian Rides is a great company. I booked the Trans Himalayas tour and was pleasantly surprised. The tour went smoothly and a solution was found immediately for small problems. I have had different experiences with other travel agencies! I can recommend the tours without a guilty conscience. Very soon I will start my third tour with Indian Rides!

Thomas Cooper

Guided motorcycle Tour


The Best Valued and fully guided motorcycle Tour we had with Indian Rides to Trans-Himlayan belt of India where we not only explored the rugged beauty but different monasteries and eye catching landscapes. IR is a top-notch organization, with an extraordinary motorcycle experience, magnificent hotels, and a very competent guide. The follow up car, drove us wherever we needed to go once we were off the bike and brought all the luggage.
Frankly want to go on a trip with them again and again!