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Rider 3395 £ Pillion 2995 £
DISTENCE 1900 kms
RIDING LEVEL Easy / Moderate
MOTORCYCLE Royal Enfield

A Vortex Of Biking Adventure Submerged In The Colours Of Holi       
Experience the pulse Of Rajasthan as you Hurl your Royal Enfield on the roads of rural India for an unconventional motorcycle experience in Rajasthan along with the madness of Indian festivals with Indian Rides Team  where the owner himself, who is a passionate rider, will lead the group !.

Holi is a festival of fun and frolic, where the atmosphere is filled with zeal and happiness.       
It is an occasion to celebrate the coming of the spring. Holi of Mandawa is famous and is the most popular Holi in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. 

Why to Choose “ Biking Adventure Tour To India In Holi «Festival Of Colours»”?

  • A marvel of vibrant colours, Joy and gaiety.
  • Ride on the remote trails that take you deep into the heart of the country. 
  • Share trials and tribulations with a great bunch of guys with excellent backup. 
  • We are a team of Local passionate riders, who better to show you around the country? 

Rajasthan, will delight you with its traditions, its idyllic desert scenery and rugged mountain ranges on your Royal Enfield Tour to India. Get a feel for the sand under your wheels and experience the beauty of the deep Thar desert to rocky terrains. Watch the ethnic villagers fill the air with their traditions and colourful outfits as they wave and smile as we pass through. Weave through the endless tracks as we ride to the horizon through the clouds in search of the next amazing landscape on the Royal Enfield Adventure Tours In India.

Highlights of the tour 

  • Experience the country from the saddle of your Royal Enfield bike.
  • Explore the cultural vibrancy of Rajasthan as you interact with the natives.
  • Celebrate the verve of  Holi festival in Mandawa as you celebrate it with the Royal Family of Mandawa castle.
  • Catch glimpses of UNESCO Heritage sites of North India in Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer.
  • Get a  fascinating insight into the traditional way of life in Chandelao and Pokhran villages.
  • Appreciate the beauty of The Taj- “the embodiment of pure Love”.
  • Sojourn in the Rajputic hospitality of centuries old Castles, Havelis and Palaces.

The  Holi celebrations start on the night before Holi with a Holika bonfire called Holika Dahan. Everyone sings and dances around the fire and walks around it three times. The emphasis of Holi rituals is on the burning of demoness Holika.
The festival commemorates the victory of good over evil.
It is a fest of colours, Singing, dancing and the traditional beats of “dhol” and “Dhap” are the souls of the festival. The Air is all filled with vibrant colours of “Gulaal”.
The intense culture and colourful tradition of the region are apparent in every nook and corner. The villagers together with the Royal Family of the Mandawa castle commemorate this festival with fervour and verve.
Come, clad yourself in white clothes and jump into the fray with Indian Rides!


D1 Delhi - Mandawa

A cordial welcome by the representative of Indian Rides at Delhi International airport. Embark on a journey to the land of colour and culture, fairs and festivals - Rajasthan. Catch onto a scenic drive to Mandawa, also called the “Open Art Gallery” of Rajasthan. Travelling back in time to the glory of the Shekhawati Region Mandawa was a part of “The Silk Route”.  Mandawa houses various grand Havelis of rich merchants of the bygone era, decorated with fresco paintings.
Check into a royal and palatial haveli of the 18th century in Mandawa town, The Mandawa Haveli.
In the evening, get acquainted with the Team of Indian Rides, your travel buddies on your motorcycle adventure tours in Rajasthan. The owner of Indian Rides himself will lead the group along with his team of support.

270 kms 6 hrs

  • 270 kms 6 hrs

D2 Mandawa - Ramgarh - Mahensar

After an early rise for breakfast, meet the local tour crew and select your Royal Enfield motorcycle. Take time to get familiar  with the control layouts, starting techniques, and bike handling for your Rajasthan Motorcycle adventure. Your Motorcycle journey tour in Rajasthan begins with a ride to a tiny hamlet of Mahensar en route to Ramgarh where the un-metalled roads are decked up with the beauty of real Rajasthan. Relish scrumptious lunch with the Royal Family of Mahensar Fort. Steer back to Mandawa and explore the town houses and Havelis of the town on foot, decorated with fresco paintings on the walls and ceilings, having many artefacts from the old times. 
Celebrate the late evening in the village square with a Holika bonfire. The night before the festival is marked by verve and zest. Jollification starts when people gather around the square, sing and dance to traditional folklores and to the rhythm of traditional music made using Dhap, dhols, harmonium and flutes. Enjoy the motorcycle tour to Rajasthan in Holi..

80 kms 3 hrs

  • 80 kms 3 hrs

D3 Mandawa

Today is the day of Holi madness!!
After breakfast, clad yourself in the white clothes and set out for the fray of colours in Mandawa Holi. Holi is celebrated at the approach of the vernal equinox, on the Phalguna Purnima - the Full Moon night. It is an occasion to wish the coming of spring, a carnival of colours, where men and women clad in white - play, chase and colour each other, where
Each pigment has its specific meaning: where red represents love and health, orange represents joy,  green is for life, yellow is for happiness and blue is for serenity. Holi thus is a symbol of gaiety, the enchantment of the game the Hindu God Lord Krishna played with his consort Radha and gopis.
Mandawa’s Holi is the most popular and eminent Holi in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Mandawa’s Holi celebration is famous for its dry Holi only with “GULAL” and their programs of “DHAP” and “Folk Songs” and “Dance”. A local brew of “bhang” a cannabis based drink is served.
The Royal family of the Fort ensures to be there and interact with the village people to keep the tradition going and be a part of the celebration.

D4 Mandawa - Bikaner

Embark on a Classic motorcycle tour to Rajasthan, ride your Royal Enfield on the semi- desertic roads of Western Rajasthan and discover “The Camel Country” of Rajasthan- Bikaner, one of the three great Desert Kingdoms of Rajasthan. Visit Junagarh Fort of Bikaner an imposing complex in the heart of the city, is one of the most well-known forts in Bikaner having magnificent architecture and deep historical significance. The fort has an array of temples, museums, and palaces within it such as Karan Mahal, Anup Mahal, Phool Mahal, Chandra Mahal, and many havelis. “Junagarh a paradox between medieval military architecture and beautiful interior decoration.”- Historians.  Bounded by a moat, Junagarh fort has a prodigious structure. The palace houses some wonderful edifices within its boundaries.

200 kms 4 hrs

  • 200 kms 4 hrs

D5 Bikaner - Jaisalmer

Today after breakfast gear up yourself for an Exotic Motorbike Tour to the best of Rajasthan. It is a full day in the saddle and head to the Golden City Of Rajasthan- Jaisalmer through the long straight highways cutting through dunes. Scant  Vegetation changes to cactuses. Amidst this is hemmed a city, tall on a hill called Jaisalmer. The Rajput “Walled Desert City” is like a Golden Jewel, shimmering above the hard sand. One may remain awestruck by the honeycombed buildings, ancient market streets and by the plethora of colours in sarees and turbans. Your Guided offbeat Motorbike Tour in Rajasthan ride through small villages set among desert oases with vast deep blue skies above the horizon of golden sands. Take breaks from the ride, and sit in any roadside tea stall to maximise your sightseeing experience.
In the evening relax on the terrace of your royal stay in Pleasant Haveli Mansion, a modern boutique haveli and absorb the view of the majestic Fort, ravishing havelis, splendid temples and vibrant bazaars.

350 kms 6 hrs

  • 350 kms 6 hrs

D6 Jaisalmer - Thar Desert

Today after breakfast, take a guided walking tour of the walled city of Jaisalmer centre, Jaisalmer Fort and ancient markets, past fairytale carved sandstone havelis to the famous Jain Temple complex, the Maharaja’s Palace to the  panoramic views from Cannon Point. Explore the alleyways, walk the ramparts of the city walls, and stop at the shops selling everything under the sun. 
After a sumptuous lunch, mount on your Royal Enfield for a motorcycle Tour to the Thar Desert to experience the adventure on Royal Enfield in Rajasthan. Enter the heart of the Thar Desert through the arteries of rugged sandy roads and desert trails of varying degrees of difficulty.
The evening is set in Khuri,  against the backdrop of dunes, mesmerising folk singers, and Kalbalia Dance performance (tribal dance). Sail on the camel back through golden sand dunes.
Indulge in desert camping and star gazing by staying in the tented camps.

60 kms 1 hrs

  • 60 kms 1 hrs

D7 Thar Desert - Pokhran

Witness the sunrise against the “Long and lofty ridges of sand hills follow each other in ceaseless succession as if an ocean of sand”.
After breakfast, hit the national highway 15 for Pokhran to experience an Offbeat motorcycle experience on the minimum traffic roads of Rajasthan. Catch the very common sight of a train of camels wandering on the Highways and head to another small desert village of Pokaran, literal meaning, a village of five mirages. Pokhran is famous for its Havelis, monuments, temples and Fort Pokhran, standing in the middle of the Thar Desert.
Owing to its royal rendition of being a part of “ The Silk Route”, Pokhran has a large number of royal and palatial havelis of merchants of the bygone era.
Stay like a Maharaja in Pokharan Fort, a 14th century old citadel, standing amidst the Thar Desert is an architectural jewel of the village. Rejuvenate yourself with a dip in the Fort’s swimming pool or go for a leisurely walk in the village to interact with the natives.

180 kms 4 hrs

  • 180 kms 4 hrs

D8 Pokhran - Jodhpur - Chandelao

Today after Breakfast, depart for Chandelao via Jodhpur.
The Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan has an impressive vastness distinguished by rugged roads of semi-deserted and unmetalled roads and cultural diversity of the land. Run your motorcycle through the honeycomb of small roads.
A transit to Jodhpur, “The Blue City”, because of blue-coloured houses.
Ride to the Meherangarh Fort to have a tour of the impressive museum created by the Jodhpur Maharaja and family. This is one of the best fortress palace complexes preserved in all of India and is a must see! 
Mehrangarh Fort, perched high on a perpendicular cliff. The intricate carvings on the walls of the fort, the sprawling courtyards, its impressive history, striking palaces, museums and galleries ensured this 15th Century AD structure to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Continue the motorcycle voyage ride in India to Chandelao, a quaint village in the desert wilderness. Here, your eyes can easily catch a sight of women fetching water from the well, carrying large metal pots on their heads clad in bright coloured ghagra-choli , bangles up to their shoulders,odhni to veil their face, men wearing colourful turbans and white dhoti-kurtas looking for their herd, kids gawking on the street, traditional craftsmen involved in their intricacies.
Go for a nature walk around the village. Chandelao attracts many migratory birds, Capture them through the lens of your camera around the village Lake. Hang out with native people and craftsmen, or lend a hand to a potter with clay. Your  Abode for tonight will be Chandelao Garh, a Fort-home of landlords and now is a luxurious home-stay, Carved in Jodhpur sandstone.
Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner (depending on the weather conditions) on the terrace of the Fort.

180 kms 5 hrs

  • 180 kms 5 hrs

D9 Chandelao - Ranakpur

With the first light of the morning, Open your eyes to the chirping and fluttering of birds, and peacocks roaming in the Fort’s corridors, Chandelao being home to many migratory birds.
After breakfast, kick start your Royal Enfield for another adventurous trip on motorbike  in Northern India - the rural  Rajasthan, the unique landscape and a fun place to ride! We get straight back on the road and take some sandy tracks and small trails to the sacred town of Ranakpur. In unsurpassed natural surroundings, visit cultural sights of great importance. Ranakpur is called  “A Spiritual Oasis in Aravalli”, as Immersed in the vibrant culture with a myriad of enrapturing beauty, Ranakpur is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for followers of Jainism. 
Explore the impressive Jain Temple, dedicated to Tirthankaras, which is the epitome of the architectural brilliance of Jain artistry and sculpturing.

180 kms 4 hrs

  • 180 kms 4 hrs

D10 Ranakpur - Udaipur

Today after breakfast, Visit the Jain Temple of Ranakpur. Get wonderful views and amazing photos across the province
Gear up  your Royal Enfield for a Motor ride to Southern Rajasthan, running through the ethnic minority villages where natives with their traditional dress, working in the fields welcome us to the area. The curvy roads of the old fold and rugged mountains of  Aravalli. offers enchanting views of the mountains and shallow streams with steep to medium slopes and daunting roads along the way to keep testing the best of the adventurer in you. A layover in a serene restaurant, offering a mesmerizing spectacle of the ranges and rocky terrains, for Lunch. Continue on off the beaten road maps for the motorcycle trip in Rajasthan, to the ‘Venice of the East’- Udaipur, the romantic city of Rajasthan, dotted with lakes - The historic capital of Mewar, also called the "City of Lakes" because of its sophisticated lake system, with seven lakes surrounding the city. “The white city” of India is known for its traditional fairs and festivals, historic forts and palaces, galleries and gardens, architectural temples and museums.

100 kms 2 hrs

  • 100 kms 2 hrs

D11 Udaipur

Kick start your city tour with the guided sightseeing tour of Udaipur on a tuk-tuk and visit to the majestic City Palace, an assortment of large numbers of buildings, towers and canopies standing firmly on the bank of Lake Pichola.
Visit Jagdish Temple, devoted to Lord Vishnu, raised on a tall terrace. The elaborate Hindu temple showcases Indo- Aryan architecture having white columns with a large number of statues and carvings, airy halls and convolutedly decorated walls. 
Next get escorted to The City Palace Museum - exhibiting the exquisite artistry, royalty and history of Mewar. The museum is a symbol of Rajasthani, Mughal, European and Chinese architecture. Advancing to Saheliyon ki Bari or “Garden of maids”, which has majestic green lawns offering a mesmerizing view of carved marble canopies, fountains and kiosks.
In the evening, sail for a romantic boat ride at Lake Pichhola to see the beautiful view of the City Palace and the setting sun reflecting rainbow colours on the water.

D12 Udaipur - Bijaipur Castle

Today after breakfast, venture along some of the more remote motorcycle routes in Southern Rajasthan, take on the Happiness Road from Udaipur to Bijaipur and discover why this part of India is known for its beauty, jaw dropping scenery and close to nature Motorbike ride in Northern India. The last 30 km of the ride runs through the  Deciduous forests of the Vindhyanchal ranges, waterfalls, lakes, tiny villages and gushing streams. 
If there ever was a way to experience living like a maharajah, it is in Rajasthan’s Palace Hotels. Live in the royal ambience like a King and enjoy the warmth of Rajputana hospitality in the Castle of Bijaipur. The 350 years old castle is perched high on the hills of the Vindhyanchal Ranges, offering a bird’s eye view of the village.
Destress yourself with an Ayurvedic and holistic spa by the pool.
Spend your evening by getting the glimpses of the local and simple life of Rajasthani people by browsing the bustling vibrant markets
Dine on elaborate meals cooked from royal recipes, in royal kitchens by the pool. Turbaned staff will anticipate your every need, fulfilling each tiny wish.

150 kms 4 hrs

  • 150 kms 4 hrs

D13 Bijaipur - Pachewar

Today after breakfast, Dive into this picturesque loop of Southern Rajasthan as we take you to a fully guided Rajasthan Motorbike Tour around the Vindhyanchal ranges to a tiny hamlet of Pachewar. Witness the difference in vegetation, culture and undulating terrain. 
Enjoy the ambience with royal times in Pachewar Fort, your home for tonight, is a 300 years old fort which has been converted into a luxurious Heritage Hotel. It is a well-preserved fort set in serene rural surroundings with its massive ramparts, royal cenotaphs, imposing gates, intricate balconies and spacious rooms. Explore the exurban and countryside living of Rajasthan by meeting the village craftsmen and artisans specialising in delicate blue pottery, carpets, colourful tie and dye, and terracotta and nomadic Gadia- Luhars, else sit back and relax in the fort.

250 kms 5 hrs

  • 250 kms 5 hrs

D14 Pachewar - Jaipur

Continue your fair and festival motorcycle tour in Rajasthan to a land of royalty, grandeur and opulent architecture - Jaipur, a city from colonial India. The city was painted pink to welcome the Prince of Wales, by King Sawai Ram Singh I Which still gives Jaipur a distinctive appearance and the epithet “Pink city”. Jaipur since then has become a symbol of hospitality. Nestled in Aravalli hills, Jaipur is the capital city and pink paradise of Rajasthan. From Forts to floating palaces, From towering monuments to ancient stepwells this UNESCO World Heritage site has a lot to offer.
Visit Royal Enfield Showroom in Jaipur.

100 kms 2 hrs

  • 100 kms 2 hrs

D15 Jaipur

Discover the royal city with our local tour guide, who will assist you first to - Amber Fort (Amer Fort) installed high on top of a rugged hill with a splendid view of the city and Maota lake. Its magnificent courtyards, manicured grounds and intricate carvings are greatly influenced by Hindu and Mughal architecture. Next on the card would be - Hawa Mahal, (The palace of winds), built-in blush-hued pink sandstone, a building with hundreds of jharokhas (windows). Moving ahead to the City Palace, a masterpiece of Mughal and Rajput architecture consists of vast courtyards with beautiful paintings, temples and museums displaying Rajputana glory. Witness the magnificence of the Jantar Mantar  UNESCO’s World Heritage List describes it as “an expression of the astronomical skills and cosmological concepts of the court of a scholarly prince.
Jaipur is the perfect blend of heritage, palaces, culture and art.  The place is packed to the rim with labyrinthian old townhouses and countless treasures with its bazaars, designers, street food and age old culture. Browse Jaipur’s flower-filled colourful bazaars.

D16 Jaipur - Agra

Today after breakfast, the journey continues to Agra via Fatehpur Sikri, another UNESCO Heritage site of India, built in the 16th century by the Mughal Emperor Akbar. The city sits on a rocky ridge and is built in red sandstone. Visit Buland Darwaza, Tomb of Salim Chisti in Jama Masjid - the largest mosque in India.
Drive ahead to the city in the Indo-Gangetic Plain, sitting proudly on the shore of river Yamuna- Agra, home to one of the seven wonders of the world - The Taj! Witness the beauty of one of the “seven wonders of the world” when purple streaks of setting sun are reflected by the white dressed exteriors of the Majestic Taj Mahal- the most precious gift of love built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his loving wife Mumtaz.
In the evening stroll around the markets of Agra. Visit the brilliantly lit up and heavily decorated markets in Agra.
History fanatics and architecture buffs are sure to have a ball there.

250 kms 4 hrs

  • 250 kms 4 hrs

D17 Agra - Delhi International Airport.

Our representative will drop you at the Delhi International Airport.
Catch your homebound flight.
We are sure you’ll have many wonderful Rajasthan Festival and adventurous motorcycle tour memories to reflect upon as you journey home.

250 kms 5 hrs

  • 250 kms 5 hrs
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Our 15-day Rajasthan tour with Indian Rides was a truly impressive, tailor-made experience. Shakti Singh, our companion on another bike, crafted a fantastic itinerary, which he willingly adjusted based on our preferences discussed where we wanted to enjoy Indian festival. During the journey, he even added two days and additional sightseeing when we discovered a place we truly loved. The mix of heart-stoppingly beautiful sights and a variety of hotels, ranging from awe-inspiring to more modest ones, kept the adventure exciting without straining our budget.
His team struck the perfect balance – sociable yet not pushy, always informative, and excellent company throughout the trip. They managed every aspect, from navigating us through chaotic traffic, camels, tuk-tuks, and roadworks to ensuring we had guides at the attractions we visited. Their attention to detail extended to helping us check in and smoothing out every little interaction, creating an atmosphere where we felt well taken care of while enjoying a great adventure.
The 500cc Enfield Bullet motorcycle provided a thrilling ride, more than sufficient for two fairly large adults. Strapping a normal 90-liter rucksack on the back was a breeze. Our experience with Indian Rides was so fantastic that they would undoubtedly be our first choice for another trip. Do not hesitate – go with Indian Rides. You will not regret it.

"I have already gone on two incredible journeys with Indian Rides on the back of a Royal Enfield motorcycle, and I can confidently say they are top-notch. The most recent one was a mesmerizing blend of culture and color as we partook in the most vibrant celebration on the planet – Holi in India. Our ride took us to Mandawa, where we were fortunate enough to revel in the Festival of Colors with the Royal family. Under the guidance of Mr. Narendra, each trip has been unique, marked by meticulous attention to detail, exceptional trip leaders, and a single, professional point of contact. Now, eagerly anticipating my third adventure on the Royal Enfield!"

We had a great time riding a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle in Rajasthan and taking part in the Holi Festival! Doing the trip with an Indian company meant that we saw more 'real' India than would have been likely otherwise. Accommodation was in hotels that used to be forts, palaces or the houses of rich merchants. The bikes were the 500cc classic model and were well maintained. The group was followed by a car with mechanic and driver carrying luggage, spares and water for the stops during the day. Narendra, our guide, was in radio contact with the car so if anyone stopped or was too far behind he could change pace as needed. Riding a bike in India takes a lot of concentration! You quickly learn to deal with animals and people, bikes, cars and trucks in places and doing things that you wouldn't expect at home. It's very involving and great fun. At the end of the riding tour it was lovely to meet Narendra's family before heading off for the final couple of days sightseeing. Many thanks to the Indian Rides team!


The journey through Rajasthan for the Holi festival in Mandawa that too on a motorcycle was nothing short of a dream with eyes wide open. The dynamic blend of festival hues and the cultural richness of Rajasthan etched an experience that remains vivid in memory. The journey was punctuated by stays in luxurious accommodations, delightful culinary experiences, all accompanied by the genuine warmth of sincere hospitality. Riding through the festivities of the indigenous Holi celebration, perfectly woven into the landscape, made this adventure unbelievably unforgettable. As they say, the best motorcycle trips are the ones that linger in your heart forever.

The Holi tour with Indian Rides was an unforgettable tour on a Motorcycle that exceeded all our expectations. The perfect blend of cultural authenticity, immersive experiences, and meticulous planning made this journey a true celebration of India's spirit. One of the standout moments was the visit to Mandawa,  where we had the privilege of celebrating Holi with the local community and the Royal family of Mandawa. The warmth and hospitality of the residents made this experience truly exceptional. Engaging in cultural exchanges, sharing traditional meals, and witnessing age-old rituals deepened our connection to the heart of India. If you are seeking an adventure that engages all your senses, this Holi tour is an absolute must.